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Backend Frameworks for Web App Development

29 Apr 2022, 02:17 GMT+10

Frameworks have become a crucial part of web development to build interactive and rich websites and web applications. Many frameworks exist for web app development and back-end (server-side) web development.

Why Prefer Backend Framework?

Backend web app frameworks are utilized to automate the results of software development. This framework is mainly helpful for web development. Below are some reasons to choose backend frameworks:

  • Security
  • Integrations
  • Time-saving
  • Scalability
  • Uniqueness

This post will talk about some best backend frameworks accommodating for web and application development projects. Just read ahead to dive right in to know the best backend web app frameworks that you would like to work with in this modern era.

1. Laravel

On the year 2011, there was the first public release of Laravel, and it became one of the most recommended PHP frameworks. There are about 1,14,640+ active websites developed with Laravel. Laravel is the best backend framework for web development that is elegant and simple. Its comprehensive and clean syntax syndicates Model-view-controller architecture to build web apps.

Laravel provides us with a syntax that is both elegant and expressive. Laravel converts development into a creative, fun, and enjoyable process. Laravel is a helpful framework that makes basic operations such as routing, sessions, authentication, and caching much cooler. It's not just accessible, but it also arrives with a set of powerful tools for developing large as well as stable applications.

An immaculate simple syntax that can be used to build high-performing web apps implies that Laravel in the present and coming years is auspicious.

2. Ruby on Rails (RoR)

RoR is a server-side web application framework which is written in the Ruby programming language. It shows a similar design and philosophy when compared with Python Django. But, it endorses the usage of patterns such as MVC (model view controller) and DRY (don't repeat yourself).

RoR is utilized for having a flawless database table formation, migrations and the scaffolding of views. It combines JavaScript, Ruby, CSS, and HTML to build dynamic web apps.

Rails works on the principle of 'Convention over Configuration (CoC)' that helps in making assumptions regarding what developers need to get the new web app development started. This facilitates web app developers to do more while writing a smaller number of codes.

Ruby on Rails is one of the most utilized backend frameworks for quickly developing Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) and prototypes.

Moreover, its easy compilation and testing, along with broad community support and a lot of available resources, get it a viable alternative for novices. Large companies that utilize ruby on rails are Hulu, Netflix, Shopify, Github, Zendesk, to name a few.

3. .NET

Microsoft introduced a software framework named .Net in the year 2011. It was later abbreviated as dot net and comprised many libraries, coding languages, and editors. The .Net framework facilitates you to develop a wide range of apps like web applications, gaming, mobile applications, the Internet of Things (IoT), the cloud, etc.

.NET is the best backend web app framework and ecosystem that allow fast development of web and desktop applications. It's a most recommended free platform that is now being used for different applications because it offers the programming environment for the mainstream custom software development phases. Companies looking out for a wide range of functionality, such as desktop software, web-based services, and cloud infrastructure support, must use.NET.

In the present advanced era of website development, many famous companies are making use of the .NET framework for building web applications.

4. Express

Express is a solid standard server framework, aka best backend web app frameworks for Node.js, the open-source software and JavaScript runtime environment released under MIT License.

Express is the best backend framework for developing RESTful APIs as well as web applications. It is labelled as the backend section of the MEAN stack, mutually with AngularJS and MongoDB database software.

This framework supplies a thin layer of chief web app characteristics and is simple to create a vigorous API with the help of different HTTP services as well as middleware accessible. It is believed to be one of the widespread web frameworks as it is flexible, minimal, and well-suited for Node.js development.

It is believed as one of the vital Express constituents of the mean software bundle. Professional JS developers can use Node.js and Express for building server-side apps in contrast with Django for Python developers. Businesses using Express are Accenture, MuleSoft, Myntra, Myspace, Uber, etc.

5. Zend

Zend is the best PHP framework for web development projects, and it was initially released in 2006 by Zeev Suraski and Andi Gutmans. Zend is an object-oriented and open-source framework and there about more than 570 million installations till now. It utilizes characteristics like reusability, inheritance, and flexibility because it is an object-oriented framework.

It is MVC architecture-based framework and is licensed under the BSD license. Zend framework depends upon a number of packages. It has a package dependency manager which makes it easy to organize as well as sort dependencies. It also has Front Controller Design Pattern that allows requests to be reliant on a single controller class.

Moreover, Zend's capabilities aren't limited to developing websites for mid-sized and small enterprises; this robust PHP framework can also control enterprise web apps. The Zend framework is the best backend web app framework that can increase your business by powering robust applications for you, thanks to its event manager, modular architecture, service manager, and PHP composer.

Groove Web is the best web and mobile app development service provider company dedicated to serving its clients with the latest tools and technologies. They can help you to choose the proper framework for your custom web application development projects.

6. Codeigniter

Codeigniter is another famous PHP framework introduced in Feb 2006 by EllisLab. It was built for professional web developers who desire a simple yet attractive toolset for developing fully functional web applications. CodeIgniter framework is the most popular one for building dynamic websites through PHP.

The framework offers companies perfect and well-organized documentation. It grants exceptional stability and support. It allows for an easy routing approach to be utilized. Moreover, it directs you to the cached website, which improves loading time and performance.

Codeigniter grants complete freedom to the users, discarding the need for them to depend on the MVC (Model View Controller) development paradigm. The most pleasing thing about CodeIgniter is that it enables third-party plugins to support compound functionality implementation.

The Final Notes

There are a lot of powerful backend web development frameworks present in the market, each having its own imperative features and traits. Choosing the best tool depends on your project specifications and the proficiency of a web developer working in your team. Wisely choose the Right Backend Framework from the list discussed above.

It is also imperative to consider that the tool you choose is frequently updated to protect against familiar and new attacks.

Are you still in confusion to pick the best backend framework?

Contact Groove Web for a free consultation. Our professional team of experts can assist you to validate your idea and providing web application development services by using the right frameworks and technologies.

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