Thu, 26 May 2022

Being a photographer brings unavoidable exertion. When you are panting with carrying the camera while sighing for the blurry pictures or videos, you may start to consider how to hold the camera in a more feasible and comfortable way when shooting. After some research, you may find out two hottest sale stabilizers: a camera shoulder mount and a 3-axis gimbal.

Before getting into the details about whether a camera shoulder mount or a 3-axis gimbal is better for carrying the camera, first, let's have a look at what shoulder camera holders and gimbals actually are and how they work to carry the camera.

What is Camera Shoulder Mount?

A camera shoulder mount is a filming gear that attaches to the camera and is worn on the shoulder. It's used to capture dynamic movement while maintaining camera stability. This shoulder camera holder is a versatile mounting device designed to carry a camera ergonomically while also providing stabilized footage during shooting.

When shooting a video, you'll need to use a camera shoulder mount for your camera. It does significant help if you want to shoot b-roll or use run-and-gun techniques. When photographing something that requires mobility, a shoulder rig is also essential.

What is 3-Axis Gimbal?

A gimbal refers to the pivoted support that allows any object to rotate on a single axis. Therefore, anything mounted on a three-axis gimbal is not affected by the person's movement when holding the gimbal. The gimbal is used to maintain the camera's stabilization.

3-Axis Gimbal Vs. Shoulder Camera Mount

The major distinction is the construction of a camera shoulder mount vs. a gimbal. A simple camera shoulder mount is a frame that can let you carry the camera on your shoulder while shooting. On the other hand, a gimbal is a device that supports and stabilizes the camera using motors and sensors. In the end, they're both used to keep the camera stable and balanced.

The first difference lies in their ways of maintaining stability. A camera shoulder mount relies on the presence of an operator to function effectively. In contrast, a gimbal uses technology to distinguish between purposeful and unintended camera motions and adjusts itself accordingly.

What's more, compared with the handheld gimbal, the camera shoulder mount has a comfortable protective grip for extended shooting, as the weight is distributed to the shoulder from your wrist.

The camera shoulder mount also provides a first-person perspective, along with various shooting positions. However, it has less stability, and requires you to do more work during post-production to ensure a stable shot.

If you have shaky hands, the gimbal is good for you since it stabilizes the footage as you move side to side, up and down, back and forth. Although a 3-axis Gimbal has a smooth shooting experience and is easy to use, it can be on the pricier side of things. Another drawback is that it has fewer shooting angles.

Best Camera Shoulder Mount - SmallRig Basic Shoulder Kit

If you're looking for a camera shoulder mount to invest in, the SmallRig Basic Shoulder Kit 2896 that makes shoulder shooting more comfortable is your best choice. It includes the following salient features:

  • 360 degrees rotation: The rod clamp's handles can be rotated 360 degrees to accommodate various shooting settings.
  • Includes a universal baseplate: It includes a universal baseplate 1674 that allows the kit to function with multiple cameras.
  • Superiorly pleasant shoulder shooting experience: The ergonomic shoulder pad comprises a highly elastic curved sponge that provides greater shoulder comfort when shooting.
  • One knob locks the rod clamp: The rod clamp may be tightened with just one thread, making it quick and straightforward to use.
  • Several 1/4'-20 threaded holes: They provide you with more place for mounting additional equipment.

Final Thoughts

It's difficult to deny the gimbal's popularity. Gimbals have skyrocketed in popularity since they first appeared on the scene a few years ago. By 2016, gimbal footage seems to be everywhere. Have they, however, surpassed the camera shoulder rig? The answer is a NO - while gimbal footage has its place, the camera shoulder mount is still chosen by many photographers for its more comfortable shooting experience, especially for the one who needs to conduct long-time shooting - after all, your shoulder can stand more force than your wrist.

SmallRig is a company that focuses on providing camera and phone photography/videography accessories. They design mounts, clamps, stabilizers, and other accessories for major brands like Sony, Canon, Fujifilm, etc. SmallRig's items are guaranteed with a 45-day return policy and a 2-year warranty, so don't hesitate to place your order with them!

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