Thu, 25 Feb 2021

Whether a residence or a business, your windows should never look murky, even on freezing days. You can either clean it yourself or hire somebody to do it for you. That is why we see business owners hiring cleaning companies like Entretien Squidgee. It is never a wrong decision for their businesses at all.

That said, here are some of the reasons why you need that clear window during winter days.

The Cleaner, The Window, The Longer It Stays!

Is that a winter rule?

Maybe yes, since acid rain has had a bad reputation whenever it gets into contact with anything, even the windows! Acid water can cause debris to pile on your window panes, eating it slowly and could even damage the sills or even your window frames.

It even gets worse when dirt particles enter the glass's pores. They not only corrode your window but also contaminate it. Keeping your windows clean is in itself a longevity spell for them.

Keeping Your Windows Clean Could Save Up On Your Bills!

Most bills spike during the winter season since more heating and warming activities take up the most energy. Cleaning your windows could allow more natural light during the day and help you with your lighting.

Since you have natural light, switching off the house lights could save you some power costs. Saving on the costs has never been that easier!

Maintains Fresh Aeration Throughout The House/Room

Nobody likes mold, and yes, they can still pile up with dirt on your window, even during winter. When dirt and mold pile up, they can affect the air quality you receive in your house. I know you're wondering this is possible, right?

When you open your windows, the air you take in could be hazardous for your health and even your family members. Long exposure to bad air could even lead to lung problems for you and your family.

All these problems of stagnant bad air could be stopped by cleaning your windows. Or should I say, a clean window a day keeps a healthy family together?

Cleaner Windows Give Your Business That Welcoming Touch

It's winter, and every business looks almost the same from afar. Everybody is looking for that warm place, and that clean window could make yours stand out. Clean windows give that cheerier and warmer look of your business that could attract your clients.

When the business looks lively and brighter during winter, even warmth is inevitable. Keeping your sales up during the winter season could use the help of a clean window; you never know!

Clean Windows Are The Essence Of Brighter And Better Views

For the residents, a dirty window blocks natural light and even the outside world's scenic beauty. The kind of view notwithstanding, we can all agree that there is a certain fulfilment we get from viewing the outside world from a clean mirror.

Also, clean windows are your first marketers when you want to sell your home/house. Clean windows signify that you take good care of your house and dirty windows are just a turn off to anyone trying to buy your property.

Furthermore, clean windows also hail you in front of your guests and buddies. No one wants to be embarrassed by dirty windows in front of their guests or friends. It gives a bad picture if the windows aren't clean at all.

Business owners also give that professional impression when their windows are clean. The clean windows also have some magical reflection on the employees' moods. There is always a fragrance of happiness when windows are clean at work that most of us can't even fathom.


Inasmuch as most people may forget to clean their windows during winter, taking a bold step in maintaining clear and transparent windows has plenty of benefits for both businesses and homes. Today, professional cleaning companies do not only clean for businesses but also the residents and homes. Don't let winter be the reason for having a dirty window; you have all the tools at your disposal.

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