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Our pet partner, the dog, has always been a blessing for us. However, bad behavior is the sentiment that overturns all the good deeds in a jiffy. The Good Samaritan morphs into a despicable fiend. You get annoyed with the pervert's demeanors, which might be incessant barking, concurrent aggression, begging, destructive persona, eating poop, misplaced urination, excessive licking, or jumping maniacally.

According to the National Dog Corps research, '60% of the American pet parents come across the foul behavior of the dog.' These statistics comprise of the reported data only; the unreported figure could hit the ceiling.

Suppose you are a victim of the rowdy behavior of the dog. Don't worry; our editors have panned out the eight nifty tips that would instantly eliminate the dogs' lousy behavior. The magic would permeate in the air, and your dog will become precisely the one you crave for.

  • Training is the key.
  • 'The professional dog training has been boosted by 33% this year.' (Dog Times). The best technique to train your dog and chuck the sinful soul out of its body is to let it go through the formal training sessions. Training could be instilled at home, or a professional instructor could be hired in this regard. However, the training should be based on reward-specific rather than punitive.

    The reward-based positive instruction strengthens the pet-owner bond, stimulates mental response, and vibes the positive aura. The training should not be rigorous, and only a single command be taught in a day. Besides, the old lessons need to be repeated lest these should not be forgotten. You can use a best dog shock collar to train your dog at home.

  • Exercise makes the dog submissive.
  • Besides improving the overall health of the dog, exercise drains down the brimming energy. If your dog is an idle soul, then the accumulated energy would be burst out in dragging the leash or chewing shoes. Puppies have more energy packs than adult ones and need more exercise. Moreover, the level of energy varies from breed to breed.

  • Use a remote training collar.
  • A remote training collar or a shock collar, or an e-collar is a technical approach to mend your canine's ways. To call a spade a spade, this collar may seem cruel from the name (shock collar), but in essence, it does not give electric shocks at all to the sentient being. Nonetheless, the puppy's sensation is stimulated by little electronic perceptions that feel rather than hurt.

    The collar's electronic intensity can be altered, and the gadget could be operated from a distance. Remote training collars are widely used in European and North American regions. 'The e-collars positively morph the dogs' behavior by 40%', a case study from Sweden Institute of veterinary sciences states.

  • Reward the desired behavior (Positive reinforcement)
  • Positive reinforcement is the most humane mode that melts the heart of stubborn fur partners. Positive reinforcement means rewarding the dog when it behaves reasonably. The reward could be a bite of favorite cuisine or as little as just patting the back. Psychologists believe that applause does wonder when it applies to animals. However, it might not work on some rouge pups, and you might turn to the stick rather than the sumptuous carrot.

  • Nip the evil in the bud
  • Do you know that more than half of the dogs' bad habits were some time back, just the casual behaviors? The little behavioral deviations turn into a full-scale absurdity inadvertently. While the matured obstinate behavior cannot be weaned off, the dog owner's life becomes a dog life. It is pertinent to extinguish the flames of perversion in the first place, or else the repeated occurrence would snowball into a habit, norm, and finally, an inseparable part of the dark side of the dog's personality.

  • Consider the needs
  • The dog is not always at fault; sometimes, the pet owner is. The dog's rowdy behavior might have an underlying cause, and a conscious pet parent always tries to rectify the fault line. Your dog may be averse to a specific edible or fragrance because of its breed-type, or he may need matting. Whatever the reason is, the cause-based approach dramatically improves the dog's behavior, and your puppy becomes a gentle-dog.

  • Your dog is what it eats.
  • The banal eating choice could make your dog irritable and under the sway of recurrent mood swings. Like humans, the sugary substances could improve the melancholic mood, and the dull life gets rejuvenated for the dog. You might add a mix of organic (fruits, grains, vegetables) and synthetic (chocolate, biscuits, cake) items into the dog's feed.

  • Show affection and attention.
  • Your dog is not an indifferent pet like rats or parrots. It is a conscious sentient being who takes note of caressing the fur to face the music. Neither is your dog a showpiece to throw somewhere at home.

    A good pet parent always gives due respect and attention to the dog. If you have applied all the above tips, but still the dog's behavior is unchanged, then try to share a couple of sweet words with it. Mark our words; it will respond.

  • Time to live with an obedient dog!
  • We are damn sure that the tricks mentioned above would mold the behavior of your dog positively. The tricks can be applied concurrently or respectively; the end goal would be a submissive mongrel.

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