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Many new homeowners are rather disappointed to learn that the coverage of their homeowner's insurance policy is quite limited. Unless a problem occurs because of some type of natural event, major issues will not be covered by this policy. This has resulted in more and more homeowners investing in a home warranty.

These warranties, provided by a home warranty company, can provide the necessary protection for all types of home equipment that may break down or malfunction after years of use.

A question that many homeowners have about these warranties is whether or not they are going to protect all the major appliances and systems in their home. For example, will the home warranty provide protection for corroded pipes or an old HVAC system? For those who have these same questions, keep reading. Here, the answers can be found.

Home Warranties and Plumbing Systems

The plumbing system in a home is quite complex. It is made up of countless pipes and components. It is also made up of different supply lines, drainage lines, fixtures, tanks, and valves. The plumbing system in a home is designed carefully to ensure that the wastewater (which can be hazardous to a person's health) does not pool in the bathtubs, showers, or sinks. Also, a plumbing system is pressurized, which is done to help keep toxic gases from entering the home by way of the drains.

If there is a faulty part in the system, at any point, it can cause a serious disaster. If a plumbing issue is not addressed in a timely manner, it may result in a burst pipe or leak. It may also cause mold growth, corrode the home's structure, or cause problems for a person's family.

Even though many homeowners may be able to handle a pesky leaking faucet, the majority of repairs and maintenance may require the tools, skill, and training provided by a professional plumber. Unfortunately, the services of a plumber can be costly. With a home warranty, it is possible to get the services needed for a home's plumbing system -; regardless of what the problem may be.

A Closer Look at Pipe Corrosion

Unless the home has been fitted with PEX or PVC pipes only, corrosion is a serious concern. If the pipes are made of steel or iron, they will be susceptible to corrosion and rust. All this is caused by water, minerals, and bacteria that are moving through the plumbing system in the home.

Replacing a corroded pipe is the best way for a homeowner to handle this situation. Insurance is not going to cover this type of home repair. Is a home warranty going to provide the same coverage? The answer depends on the home warranty company that is used.

Warranty providers do not always offer plumbing support. As a result, it is necessary to find a company that does. The key is to provide evidence that the corrosion started after the service contract was signed with the warranty company. If this is the case, then there is a chance that the warranty company will be willing to cover the cost of replacing the problem-pipes. However, this not usually a 'sure thing.' It is a good idea to review the contract you have or to contact the provider to discuss the coverage that is provided.

Tips for Maintaining a Properly Working Plumbing System

When it comes to plumbing issues, it is important to remember the adage -; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. There are some steps that a homeowner can take to help prevent pipe corrosion.

One option is to limit the total water consumption. Water is a top contributor to the corrosion of pipes. Try to limit the use of water, particularly hot water, which will help extend the life of the pipes. Another strategy is to test the water. Make sure the pH and oxygen levels of the water are not off. If the oxygen content is too high, it can increase corrosion. It is also necessary to protect the pipes. Use a sealant in the crevices and the joints to keep the pipes airtight and completely free of any bacteria. It is also a good idea to insulate and stabilize the pipes to ensure they do not move. This may result in premature wear in the fittings and joints.

It may be possible to use the home warranty protection for some types of preventative maintenance. It is best to speak to the warranty company selected to know if this is possible.

HVAC System Considerations

While plumbing problems may (or may not) be covered by the home warranty, it is also important to find out about HVAC system issues. The home's air conditioning, heating, and ventilation system is one of the most important parts of the structure. If an HVAC system has shown signs of failure, it may result in more issues than just discomfort when it is extremely cold or hot outside. If a house is not properly climate-controlled or ventilated, it can cause stress on the building materials, cause dust and mold, and cause wear on home systems and appliances.

An HVAC system is both expensive and complex. While this is true, they are also important. As a result, there are many homeowners who have invested in a quality home warranty that offers HVAC system coverage. With this warranty in place, they can receive timely and affordable services to ensure the system is restored to proper, efficient operation as quickly as possible. Not all warranty companies provide coverage for HVAC systems. In some cases, homeowners with older systems in place may wonder if they are eligible for this coverage.

The good news is, with the right home warranty company, HVAC systems of all types, sizes, and styles will be covered.

Home Warranty Coverage for Older HVAC Systems

It is possible to find home warranty coverage for HVAC systems that are older. Most home warranty companies are not going to refuse coverage due to the age of the system or the age of any other of the appliances in the house. When looking for warranty coverage make sure to consider what the company will and will not cover. Remember, in most cases, the condition of the appliance is going to be more than the age of the appliance. Learn more below.

How Does a Home Warranty Work?

A home warranty is often better looked at as being a type of service contract. As a homeowner, the person will pay a premium each month or each year. The warranty provider then agrees to provide the needed repairs, service, or maintenance when needed. If necessary, the warranty company will also replace the items that are broken or malfunctioning. The key is to find the right home warranty provider, as this is going to impact what is and is not covered.

A quality home warranty provider is going to provide coverage for virtually any home system or appliance, including an older HVAC system. This is true regardless of the size or location of the home. It is also quite common for these policies to cover plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems, along with the major appliances in the home. More comprehensive plans may include protection for electronics and even gutter cleaning services. It is a good idea to compare coverage options before settling on a specific company.

Keep in mind, the age of the systems, devices, or appliances is not a critical factor. Also, it is fine if the manufacturer's warranty is expired. In fact, a home warranty is going to be much more beneficial in these situations. The factor that may impact the eligibility for coverage is the appliance's or system's condition. If something that someone owns is currently broken or if it is dealing with some type of preexisting condition, then the ability to find coverage will be very low. This means that a homeowner cannot expect to buy a home warranty for an affordable rate until they have appliances and systems that are in good repair.

Will the Home Warranty Provide Coverage for HVAC System Repair?

Keep in mind, not all homeowners will have an all-in-one HVAC unit. Instead, they may use window units or a wall-mounted system.

The question is what will the home warranty cover? This is a good question, and it is dependent on the service provider that is chosen.

Finding the Right Warranty Company Is Essential

When it comes to finding the right warranty company, there are more than a few factors to consider. It is necessary to keep the information here in mind to know what a home warranty will cover and what it excludes. Knowing this information is going to pay off and ensure that a smart investment is made. Being informed is the best way to ensure that the desired results are achieved, no matter what a person needs or the extent of their home warranty considerations. Keep this in mind when purchasing this warranty.

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