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Doing SEO is one of the most challenging steps that every marketer has to take. It is the framework on which the building of your online business growth depends. The better is the framework of SEO, the better will be the results. Now when we speak of this term as a whole, it is a parent term with various types. The reasons due to SEO is divided into various parts to increase the efficiency of optimization.

If you want to get the SEO of your website done, you should hire seo cologne (seo koln) to understand your task much better and get it done. Still, before hiring a professional, it is important to learn all three types of SEO.

On-Page SEO

As the name suggests, this includes all the optimization changes that are required in the website itself. One needs to take care of plenty of aspects on the website's pages to complete the SEO. All of those points are:-

  • The first element of the on-page SEO is checking that website and reporting the whole website. There are two ways to perform this task one is doing it by you without any professional help. The other one is hiring the seo cologne (seo koln) company that has the experience to audit the website properly. They will provide you a proper report of the auditing that they have done.
  • The next part in the-page SEO is the research for the keywords and inserting the keywords properly on the website. For researching the keywords one needs a proper tool and how to use that particular tool. After that, when you will get the proper list of the keywords, you need to insert them properly.
  • After that, a person has to select the website's framing and make it easily navigatable for the audience that comes on the website to visit you.
  • The next part of the search engine optimization is connecting all your social media to the websites. It will be really helpful in the in-flow of the audience connected to you on those platforms.
  • After that, a person needs to check out whether they are providing a proper form or not for the audiences' signup. When a person starts spending an ample amount of time on your website, you can set the website so that a pop-up appears on the screen asking for a sign-up for an email news teller.
  • You should optimize the pathway always through which a person will travel and end up buying from you. All the elements of such pathways must be appearing in the front for a smooth transition to buying the product.

The points mentioned above are a glimpse of the on-page SEO that one should always apply on their website if they want to increase the website's natural growth.

Off-Page SEO

When the techniques are applied to optimize websites and reach out to the clients through off-page, it is known as the off-page optimization of the website. A person goes for the off-page optimization to increase the flow of customers and increase the ranking along with the authority of the website. The main activity in the off-page SEO is building the links on the websites and pages of other people.

According to the seo cologne (seo koln), when you form the link, people will start coming to the website through the links you have laced. Now to place the link, you can contact some private websites which are belonging to your field. Let us suppose you are selling some electronic items and thinking of doing the off-page SEO, then the website that will be suitable, or you to place your link which is reviewing all those electronic items or providing details about them.

It will increase the link's authority, and more people will tend to visit the link instead of the link which you will place on a random website. For these private websites, one needs to pay some money, but the number of links present on-page will be less, increasing the chances of inflow of audience. There is one other way that a person can use, forming links through writing personal blogs on the reviewing and questionnaire websites. All you need to do is find the best website and write a log on that. You are required to check the authority of that website and the performance.

After you place the link, then through the SEO tool, you need to regularly check your link's performance. If not performing well, one should remove the linking page as they can decay the ranking that some good ones gain.

Technical SEO

The technical SEO, if not studied in detail, is a part of on-page SEO as all the activities and changes made by the seo cologne (seo koln) here are on the website. But in recent times, due to several changes in the algorithms of Google, the technical changes that are required in the websites have increased many folds. That is why the field of technical SEO arises. If we speak in a nutshell, then here are some of the points of technical- search engine optimization.

  • One needs to get the speed of the website properly checked when they are doing the SEO. If the loading speed is less than the chances of jumping off of the clients are very high.
  • The website should be optimized according to the mobile phone as most of the traffic is generated by these addresses. If not done, then one should ask the seo cologne (seo koln) company to do it as soon as possible because it is in the latest updates of the Google algorithm.


You have to make a strategy of the SEO and carry out all the three different types of SEO side by side to get the best results. These techniques can be applied by a person itself, but the results will be very slow; that is why if a person is looking for some good results, they should go for the professional SEO company that has the experience to handle projects like these.

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