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Where Vape Juice Will Be 1 Year From Now

15 Dec 2020, 05:17 GMT+10

Vaping has become quite popular in recent years. Prompted up by its many favorable traits compared to cigarettes and the inclusion in the youth culture, vaping has gone from relative obscurity to being very popular.

Still, when we look at the industry and its state one year from now, what can we see? Well, it can be hard predicting the future, especially now when we're facing all of this instability from COVID, but we'll give it a shot!

Vaping has been growing steadily as an industry for years now. Even though there is some push back from the tobacco industry that feels that vaping is its biggest competitor - vaping is far more likely to make them evolve with the times or get off the market. Still, that's some years away - let's see what next year will bring us.

Further solidification of the health benefits vaping offers

Believe it or not, the upsides that vaping offers compared to regular smoking in terms of health are not the biggest selling point at the moment. There is still a widespread debate going about how vaping causes this and that, and when arguments against that are presented, we get the old faithful: 'Well, we still don't have the results for long-term use!' and honestly, they have a bit of a point there.

Still, the following year, we expect the awareness about vaping not negatively affecting your health as cigarettes to continue to grow. There is a lot of static out there, and as people start sifting through it and realizing which sources are credible, we'll get more people getting into vaping specifically for this reason.

The growth of cannabis vaping culture

Cannabis is slowly breaking the legal barriers around the globe. The primary way of consuming cannabis is through smoking, but in recent years, the strongest argument for cannabis was its health benefits.

Since more and more people will use cannabis to get the health benefits they offer, they would also seek out ways to gain these benefits without harming their health by smoking.

Due to this, vaping should become a more popular option and spread even further. On top of the concerns for personal health, the fact that it does not have the downsides that passive smoking has, the sheer convenience of vaping without harming anyone else should become a big plus for the industry.

The growth customization options

One big part of the vaping industry is the option to customize your vaping device to suit your style. Unlike cigarettes that all basically look the same, vaping devices can have different colors, shapes, different heaters, and so on.

Many hobbyists that enjoy the modification aspects of the hobby have already started forming small businesses around the skills they developed by modifying and optimizing their own devices. This market is ripe to blow up, and the variety of options for customization should skyrocket within the next couple of years.

Vaping devices have themselves been turned into accessories, and it is only a matter of time before they find their place in contemporary fashion. This can be a new avenue for vaping to promote itself and solidify its position on the market.

Tastes and purity of vaping liquids

We already have a lot of variety when it comes to the tastes of vaping liquids. Still, we have seen some innovation so far, like pure vape juice, but things are just beginning to evolve. If you take a look at the variety of vaping related products available now and compare that to what we had last year, you should have a good idea about what will happen next year.

We can expect to see new flavors, smells, additives, blends that we didn't see coming, and much more. It is hard to anticipate what those things will be, but they're most definitely coming.

More testing and some good news

As more time passes, we are going to get more testing. Vaping has been put under a microscope, and so far, we haven't seen any studies that indicate it is bad for the vapers' health. Still, vigilance is a good thing, and we're going to get more studies in 2021 that will discuss the various health-related issues of vaping. With more studies to back up what we already know, vaping may get bigger marketing rights than cigarettes and completely overtake the market. Honestly, so far, we have 0 reasons not to switch to vaping as a planet aside from being nostalgic and having a traditionalist outlook on life.

Well, these are the changes we see for the vaping industry in the following year. There might be some surprises as well, but these outcomes seem most likely. The vaping industry is growing strong and shows very few signs of stopping.

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